Full Counsel Church’s ministry on the South Coast is quite active and involved. The Feeding program at Stix Farm ensures that widows, seniors, orphans and destitute families have a meal that they can take home to share with their families. The project currently provides approximately one thousand four hundred meals a month. It is daily maintained by Full Counsel church members. This ministry not only satisfies the needs of the recipients, but fulfills an instruction of our Lord Jesus in Matthew 25:35. In addition to the weekly prayer and bible study conducted at the local church, we have a weekly community bible study for women. Women are taught how to study the WORD and use it practically in their daily lives. Young women also attend these meetings. Thus far, several books of the bible have been studied line upon line. The dance team (made up of young adults as well as children) continues to minister under the anointing of HOLY SPIRIT wherever and whenever they are requested. These active and vibrant young people are a constant reminder of the wisdom of Ecclesiastes to remember our creator in the days of our youth. In addition, on Wednesdays and Fridays; prayer and devotion with the staff of local businesses is conducted weekly. The Friday business prayer continues to inspire growth and development both of the staff and the businesses. –Pastors Kevin & Judith Chetty


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