This program commenced in 2008 for young girls aged between 14 and 18 years. The venue at which the Mentorship Program is facilitated at the end of each month is Green Pastures Farm and Campsite in Baynesfield. This program is a yearlong training course in Leadership development, Values Education and Life Skills.In 2013, this program was extended to impact University students.


This program commences in 2009 for young boys aged between 14 and 18 years. The same venue as mentioned above is used during the second weekend of each month. Basically the same training takes place and the decision to develop leadership in young men has a life-enhancement context and has generational significance With regard to the two Mentorship Programs mentioned above it must be noted that value is added to the lives of the participants and also the lives of those in their sphere of influence both now and later on in their live. The approach a the program include interaction and the medium by   which information is disseminated is by means of group discussions,team activities, lectures, film, sport and other electronic media,. All costs are borne by IAM. Almost 100% of the participants are from historically disadvantaged people groups.

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